Leather Toolbelt

Leather Toolbelt



After trying for years to find a stylish, slim yet workable tool belt, florist Katie Marx eventually decided to design one her self.

A smart tool belt that can be worn with dresses or jeans, to look good enough to wear on the job in restaurants, private homes and venues, to sit comfortably higher or lower on the hip and either to the left or right side.

Room to fit the essentials of the trade, plus credit cards and keys, without being bulky. With this tool belt there is no need to take a handbag on site. 
The belt goes around the hips without needing belt loops, and is easily adjusted to your personal size and higher/lower preference.

The main pocket is designed to take your phone, keys, lip balm etc while an elastic strap holds cable ties in an easy reach position. 
Out of sight, on the leg side of the pouch is a pocket for business and credit cards.

Secateurs are always at hand in a secateur pouch attached to the outside of the main pouch. 
If you need two pairs, an extra single secateur pouch can be purchased separately which threads onto pouch belt for double secateur holding.

Each tool belt is built using locally sourced leather from Ballarat, Australia and natural vegetable dyes are used for colouring them.

While designed with florists in mind, these toolbelts are already proving to be the perfect accessory for other industries. 
Stylists, flower growers, set designers and creatives are appreciating the combination of style and functionality.

They are hand made in Melbourne by leather craftsman and cordwainer Wootten.

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