BUTTERLAND is a unique property with a rich history that has been transformed into the perfect venue for weddings or for hire for creative practices such as photography shoots, film or events & workshops.  Built in 1904 in the Victorian gold rush township of Newstead it operated as a successful dairy, then candle factory, before being lovingly restored by Greg Hatton & Katie Marx, owners of Butterland since 2010. 


We love weddings.  

Butterland hosts a dozen weddings each year. Each season brings a distinct feel & aesthetic and whether you marry in winter, spring, summer or autumn the beauty of the grounds is captivating. Working with culinary partners who understand the importance of customisation allows you to have an individualised and thoughtful catering style.

Butterland is a unique, relaxed country venue that offers an extraordinarily beautiful setting in which to celebrate.  We welcome any conversation about how we can be a part of your wedding day. Email us at hello@butterland.com.au